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Thangachimadam is a village in the central part of Rameswaram which is a holy island in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is separated from the mainland by Pamban channel. Languages spoken include Tamil and English.

Thangachi Madam situated between Pamban and Rameswaram is a minor settlement. It derives its name from a mutt(Madam) which is located in the town. There are a couple of temples and a few churches. The township is also served by a police station. Ekantharamar Temple constructed and maintained by the Kanchi mutt is the main attraction here. The main occupation of people live here is jasmine farming, fishing and its allied occupations.

Lot of interesting things to note in rameswaram.First of all is lord Ramanathaswamy who destroyed the sin of lord Rama.So this is the second place Next to kasi.Floating Stones are present in hanuman temple near sita theertham.Boating facilities are now introduced in agni theertham sea to kothanda ramar temple.Coastal beach near pamban is very nice to sea.Ramarpadam just 2 km from ramanathaswamy temple.Some rare varieties of fish you can taste here prawn,Singi etc.Rare varieties of sea shell products you can purchase near Kalam's house.
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